Colorado child protection laws neither create nor recognize distinctions in the availability of protections and services based on immigration status. In practice, however, lack of immigration status may interfere with a child’s or a family’s access to public services and ability to comply with the requirements of treatment plans and reunification efforts. Undocumented individuals, including children, face constant threats of “ICE holds,” removal proceedings, civil immigration detention, and possible deportation from the United States. These realities complicate efforts to work toward family reunification and achieve permanency for children. However, many of Colorado’s non-citizen children and their families involved in the State child welfare and juvenile justice systems are eligible for immigration status.

This training will cover: the various paths to immigration status for children and families; the intersection of adoption and immigration status; immigration detention and removal proceedings as applied to adults and children; the rights of immigrants and ability to access services; the treatment of juvenile adjudications in immigration law; unique challenges facing mixed status families; international family reunification efforts; and resources available in Colorado.


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