Stakeholder Survey Open Now!

OCR has distributed electronic Stakeholder Surveys via email to stakeholders across the system–the surveys are available throughout February.

OCR Attorneys – please encourage the professionals you work with to complete a survey on your behalf! If there are stakeholders to whom you would like us to send the survey, or if you hear of stakeholders in your district who have not received access to the survey, please send their roles and email addresses to or ask the individuals to email Angel directly.

OCR Applications and Verifications

The Office of the Child’s Representative (OCR) is mandated (CRS 13-91-101) to provide best interests representation to children in the State of Colorado. CJD 04-06 further defines the OCR’s payment and oversight responsibilities to include attorneys appointed as counsel for children in dependency and neglect proceedings. Therefore, this office will contract with attorneys to provide attorney services as Guardians ad Litem, state-paid Child’s Legal Representatives, and attorneys in dependency and neglect proceedings. The OCR will create an OCR Appointment Eligibility List for each judicial district.

Interested in becoming an OCR contract attorney? Be sure to return to this page in March to apply and, in the meantime, check out the resources below for more information.

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OCR Contract Renewal and Application Webinar – Watch our most recent webinar to learn more about OCR’s applications and yearly verifications.

Date Activity
Before or after the month of March Except during March, applications are closed. Jurisdictional needs can change throughout the year–if you’re interested in becoming an OCR contract attorney, you can send an email to with your resume and preferred judicial districts and case types. Though it is not the norm, if a need arises, an OCR staff attorney may contact you directly. You can also read or subscribe to OCR’s Training Tuesdays email bulletin for info on upcoming OCR trainings and OCR’s quarterly newsletter for additional news and resources.
Dec. 2017 Current OCR attorneys applying for contract renewal each complete a Renewal Application Case References Form
Feb. 2018 Stakeholder Survey open (closes Feb. 28 at 5:00pm)
Mar. 1, 2018 –
Mar. 31, 2018
2018 Verifications Forms and Attorney Applications for FY19 Open (apply between March 1st and March 31st for contracts starting 7/1/18). Please contact with questions.
Apr. – June, 2018 – OCR evaluates applications, attorney contracts, and jurisdictional needs and interviews applicants
– Interviews with select new and renewal applicants complete
– Final contracting decisions made; draft FY19 OCR Appointment Eligibility Lists distributed to contractors for review
Jun. 30, 2018 FY19 OCR Appointment Eligibility Lists finalized and distributed to the courts
July 1, 2018 Executed contracts due back to OCR.


Non-Pickup Attorneys Open Cases List Form – For current OCR attorneys who are not picking up new cases but have open cases, you can download and type into this form before printing, signing, and scanning for uploading to your yearly required Verifications Form. The Verifications form is usually due yearly in March if you have any open OCR cases.

All Cases Closed Certification of Compliance – Complete and send this form to OCR after your last OCR appointment ends if you are not eligible for new OCR appointments.