OCR FY 2018 Appointment Eligibility Lists

The Office of the Child’s Representative (OCR) is mandated (CRS 13-91-101) to provide best interests representation to children in the State of Colorado. CJD 04-06 further defines the OCR’s payment and oversight responsibilities to include attorneys appointed as counsel for children in dependency and neglect proceedings. Therefore, this office will contract with attorneys to provide attorney services as Guardians ad Litem, state-paid Child’s Legal Representatives, and attorneys in dependency and neglect proceedings. The OCR will create an appointment list for each judicial district.

Please note: The OCR cannot directly assign an attorney to a case. The only way to obtain legal services through the OCR is to have an open case in which the judge appoints one of these attorneys. If you do not have an open case, please consult our Finding Help page.

The most recent revision to OCR’s appointment list for each judicial district (JD) can be found below:

JD 01– revised 1/31/2018

JD 02– revised 2/13/2018

JD 03– revised 10/30/2017

JD 04– revised 3/22/2018

JD 05– revised 3/1/2018

JD 06– revised 6/30/2017

JD 07– revised 6/30/2017

JD 08– revised 3/5/2018

JD 09– revised 10/5/2017

JD 10– revised 2/20/2018

JD 11– revised 9/8/2017

Litigation Support List– revised 6/28/2017

JD 12– revised 10/20/2017

JD 13– revised 10/5/2017

JD 14– revised 3/28/2018

JD 15– revised 6/26/2017

JD 16– revised 6/22/2017

JD 17– revised 11/29/2017

JD 18– revised 1/10/2018

JD 19– revised 5/2/2018

JD 20– revised 7/24/2017

JD 21– revised 7/5/2017

JD 22– revised 6/30/2017

OCR Staff Attorneys by JD– revised 8/30/2017