CARES Billing

The Colorado Attorney Reimbursement Electronic System (CARES) is the OCR’s billing and case management system, utilized by all OCR contract attorneys. If you are an OCR contract attorney, you can access CARES by clicking the logo to the right.

OCR is currently working on upgrading the CARES system. Find more information at


The OCR’s Billing and Payment Procedures

The OCR’s billing guidelines and the CARES system user manuals are provided below.  These are the three most important guides to attorney reimbursement.  Please review these documents prior to contacting OCR with questions.

 Billing Policies & Procedures Manual – contains the OCR’s official rules and guidelines regarding billing procedures for OCR contract attorneys. To view bookmark within the pdf document, click on upper left corner of document for assistance.

 CARES User Manual – contains step-by-step instructions for how to enter time into the CARES system.

 CARES Billing Manual – a guide for understanding billing and payments in the CARES system


Please direct all CARES system issues and billing related matters to:

Melanie Jannicelli:
Phone number: (303) 860-1517 x100

Please direct specific questions regarding miscellaneous expenses to:

Katie Irwin:                  
Phone number: (303) 860-1517 x104

Mailing address:

Office of the Child’s Representative
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, Ste 320
Denver, CO 80203

Direct Contact Info

(303) 860-1517  Office
(303) 860-1735  Fax