OCR Social Services Professional (SSP) Policy

OCR believes that the use of Social Services Professionals (SSPs) in OCR guardian ad litem (GAL) appointments enhances the quality of GAL representation, as SSPs provide GALs support and assistance from professionals with valuable education, training, and/or experience in social sciences.

Use of SSPs:

GALs must use SSPs in an efficient manner that is consistent with Chief Justice Directive 04-06 (CJD) and OCR/GAL contracts; enhances representation; and promotes continuity in representation for children, families, and professionals.

Qualifications for SSP Rate:

The online Certification of Proposed SSP form (link below) lists the qualifications for the SSP rate. In short, to qualify for the SSP rate, an SSP must have a license in a relevant field, a Master’s in a relevant field, or a Bachelor’s in a relevant field plus at least two years of relevant experience.

Process for Qualifying for SSP Rate:

OCR pays $44/hr. for qualified SSPs. The process for qualifying for the SSP rate follows.
1. An attorney completes the online Certification of Proposed SSP form (“Form,” link below).
2. OCR reviews the Form and either approves or denies the SSP rate. (If OCR has not received a Form for an SSP or OCR denies an SSP rate, OCR will pay the paralegal rate.)

Certification of Proposed SSP Form

Questions: Please contact your OCR district liaison.